Does Spelling Matter Anymore?

You now live in a world where you have your spelling corrected by machines for you all of the time. When you’re sending a text, when you’re writing a CV and even when you are searching for something on Google – it seems like technology always knows best.

However, even though technology can do a lot of the work, it is still really important to have good spelling and here are some of the reasons why. First, you will save a lot of time if you don’t have to continually look up and, or change your spelling mistakes. Also, and more to the point, there are many situations in life when you may not be able to rely on technology for your spelling. In exams and in job interviews, you will not be allowed to use technology and you can seriously fail of you have poor spelling.spelling-998350_960_720

Even if you never encounter a situation where you need to spell without the use of technology, working on and excelling at your spelling has proven to be an indicator of intelligence. If you work on your spelling, it exercises a particular part of the brain and adds to your overall mental dexterity and IQ.

Spelling also helps you with your reading, studies have shown that the better you can spell, the quicker you can read and are often better at retaining information. This can help in a number of situations from learning for exams and job interviews to having more time to read more of your favorite books.

All said, some of the brightest people in the world are known to be bad at spelling, so if you do struggle, it isn’t the end of the word. Though it’s always important to try your best in life and try to spell as well as you can.