How to Write a URL

Writing a URL’s is incredibly important to creating and maintaining a dominant web presence for your business. The first thing to consider is that your URL will probably be the name of your website, though this can sometimes be different. When thinking of a name and URL, you not only want something catchy that is easy to remember, but also something that is relevant for what people search for on the Internet. This way, people can find your website by accident and not just through by going directly to the website. For example, a name and URL such as ‘winez4u’ would be bad because people do not type this into Google – ‘winesforyou’ would be a much better

You also need to check that the domain that you want to use is not already been used by someone else. There are many sites where you can buy a domain/URL and these will tell you if the name you want to use is available. Before you choose a name and URL, it is a good idea to research some keywords. You can do this by looking for terms on Google AdWords. This will tell you what people are looking for most of the time. You can choose some of these worlds and try and include them in your domain and URL to give you a better web presence on the Internet.

Another important thing is to only enter essential information in the URL. This is true for both the main page and the secondary pages. Don’t include unnecessary information such as page numbers or words that aren’t relevant. This is because it makes it more complicated for Google and readers to read and will stop you achieving a high position in search engines. Keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it unique and make sure your spelling is correct.