Optimizing Your Website with Spelling

As we discussed earlier, it is very important that your spelling is correct on your website, not just in your URL, as this will help Google find your page and provide it to users who are looking for those keywords. For example, somebody might type ‘potatoes’ into Google, but if you spell it wrong on your page, the user won’t find it.

However, this is not the whole story. What should you do with words that have variations? What if you have a website that is selling wine and beers both? Should you call it wine and beer or should you call it alcoholic drinks? There are several tricks to help you decide what to do and to get the best results possible.www-983053_960_720-1

First, think about what your website is advertising and this should be in the URL. So, if you’re selling wine, beer and spirits, call your website something that encompasses all these terms. You can make more specific pages such as wine, beer and gin later, but think big for the URL. If there are two terms for a word and you aren’t sure which is more popular, have a look at Google AdWords. If your website is about furniture for your living room, maybe you don’t know which term is more popular. Is it living room? Sitting room? Lounge? AdWords, which is free to everybody (all you have to do is create an account) will tell you what the most popular word is and thus you can decide what to use. Finally, consider different versions of spellings, especially between British and American spelling. You might be based in Britain but your target audience might be across the pond. In which case, you would need to think about the American spelling so that it matches what people there are looking for.