Tips for Good Spelling

If you want to be a tip top speller but you don’t think you are really very good at it. Fear not, the site will offer a selection of professional tips that can help you improve your ability and rely less on technology to help you with your spelling.

Use your sensesdownload-2

Words are around you all the time, sometimes they’re written down, sometimes you hear them from other people and other times you are just thinking about them in your head. Try and think about how the word looks, sounds and how you say it. Feeling the work with your senses gives you a better chance of remembering it.

Read and write

Though in school, you might have had the traditional spelling test; it has proved ineffective at actually teaching spelling. The best way to learn is by doing. Reading regularly and also writing (correctly) as much as possible will help you learn so that in future you don’t even have to think and spelling will become automatic.

Target your learning

Often people stumble over the same words over and over again, but do very little to correct their mistakes. Whenever you find that you can’t spell a word, make a note of it and keep a journal. You’ll find that there is a selection of words which keep appearing, thus those are those ones which you need to focus on the most.

Write it down

If you need to write something but aren’t sure of the spelling and have no way to check it, the best thing to do is to write the word down and see which you think looks right. Often when you see the work written down, you will be able to tell which one is correct and thus proceed feeling confident in your work.