Top Tips for a Great URL

In this final section of the website, the site will give you some overall great tips for making a standout URL that will draw customers to your site and also work well for Google.

Make the name reflect your brand. If your website it about cheese, make sure that the word cheese is in the title. While it might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people forget

Use real words. Don’t make up words or use something very obscure, people won’t type this into Google and from an SEO perspective, your website will perform poorly. If you want something weird, make it your strap line.

Research your potential title on Google Adwords to see how many people are looking at it. Another tip is to type it into Google and see what picture results are offered, you might be surprised that what you think is a clutch bag other people might actually call a snap bag. Research and adapt accordingly.

Make sure that there is nothing unnecessary in the URL of any of the pages. Extra numbers and additional information just complicates things for Google and the user.

Make sure that you choose the correct spelling for the region in which you want to target your product or service. You can always use alternative spellings in other parts of the text but use your primary one in the URL.

Don’t use any punctuation or capital letters in a URL, even if it would be grammatically correct to do so. URL’s don;t like this and it can hinder traffic to the website.

The site hope that this guide will help you set up a good URL and that you can generate a lot of traffic to your website and that your business is a resounding success. Have fun spelling and with your URL.