What Can you Do With a Literature Degree?

Have you ever wondered what you can do with a degree in literature? Whether you have chosen English or World Literature, the possibilities are endless. Many people end up working in libraries due to their extend knowledge of literature, while others end up in magazines or publishing houses. Even the government sector needs people with a literature knowledge, make the world your playground after you have completed your studies. But because the options are so many, it is important that the student herself has a strong opinion about what he wants to do after graduation.

shutterstock_434410756Try it out before applying

So you love literature and you want to study it in university. But did you ever think about doing a workday at a publishing house or a library before sending in your application? This is a good idea in order to get a sense of how these workplaces actually operate and if you think they are suitable for you. Studying literature is about so much more than just having one’s nose in a book, but this is a fact many people tend to forget in their eagerness to study something intellectually cool. One can also check out www.behaverfordian.com for more information.

A writing career

The people who study literature usually want one of two things. They either want to work with books in one form or another, or they want to write books themselves. There are many aspiring writers at literature courses around the country, and only a fraction make it into the bookshelves at their local library. But although it’s difficult, it is certainly possible to start a writing career though studying literature. A great understanding of what makes a great book will certainly make it easier to write one. Just be careful not to copy other people’s sense of writing.