What is a URL?

When it comes to spelling on your website, nowhere is this more important than in the URL of the site. To understand the importance of the ULR, it is useful if you first understood what it is and how it works.

The term URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In simple terms, the URL can be understood to be the address of the website. Actually, you access a website through a series of codes. However, it is not practical for people to remember codes and therefore they use words for the URL. Uniform Resource Locators were invented by Tim Berners-Lee who is widely considered to be the individual who created the Internet.Address Bar

The Uniform Resource Locator consists of many characters. As you know, most start with www and contain dots followed by the letters which pertain to the country of the website. For example, American websites are normally .com, UK based websites are .co.uk and German websites are .de (Deutschland). The main part of the Uniform Resource Locator and the part which is important for spelling is the section of words which is describing the brand.

If you don’t make sure that the spelling is correct here then people will not be able to find your page. If your website is selling premium wines and you have chosen the domain name premiumwineslondon (if you are targeting your market at a London audience) and you spell it wrong, people who are looking for premium wines in London will be less likely to be directed to your website.

Remember, every page on your website has a URL, it is not only the main page. If you have a page about Sauvignon Blanc, this can also be included in the URL, which is useful for directing traffic directly to this page, and also must be spelled correctly.